“Safer Flying Thru Proficiency”


All insurance companies require that pilots of all pressurized aircraft undergo annual recurrency training. If an individual is new to the aircraft, an initial training program is required. Some non-pressurized cabin aircraft also require approved training. With the potential for catastrophic loses, both personally and financially, this requirement is a no-brainer. These are complex and sophisticated aircraft that in some cases can carry 8 or more people. It is clear that there is resistance to this requirement, but wouldn’t you want to know that the pilot that transports your family is safe? Even if that pilot is you?

Rick Strack has been working with all the insurance companies for more than 4 years. He trains in all of the pressurized aircraft, including all the Cessna pressurized aircraft, Piper’s Malibu and Pressurized Navajo, Beech’s Pressurized Baron, and non-pressurized aircraft like the Piper Navajo, and Seneca. He offers one-on-one training in a person’s own aircraft for maximum benefit. At the completion of the recurrency program, the individual is very familiar with his or her aircraft. There is nothing better than training in one’s own aircraft.

Because of the personal attention, the individual gets to focus on what he or she needs most, working within the approved syllabus. Rick will come to you. The recurrency courses are scheduled for 2 days, the initial training courses take 4 days. The programs are very cost competitive. And taking a week away from your busy schedule is not a requirement.

So if you want personal attention, the ability to complete the approved program in as little as two days instead of a week, give us a call.

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